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About Us

The Dream was create out of a lifelong, God-inspired vision, of founder Ed Maner and is the central focus of a much larger vision that is in the works of being created. “The Dream” is the centrifugal force and launching pad behind the Christocentric grounds.

Art with Purpose

The Dream was founded on the belief that God is the ultimate Creator of all things. Being the created, it is our duty and “reason for being created” to give back to God in our worship. Art is a form of worship and an expression back to the God who created us. It is our ultimate purpose.

One of the key elements of The Dream is that we create and display works of art that majestically and unashamedly display the works of the created to the glory of the Creator. Our “art has heart” mentality is shown because we believe that the art shown is created as art with purpose.

Before a piece of art is commissioned, each artist must attend a class to explain exactly what we are looking for. The intentionality behind this allows the culture of The Dream to be seamless while still providing the artist with freedom of artistic license and liberty so their expression can be shown.

Authentically Inspired

Having dinner with one of the original artists, the concept that artist who are genuine Christ followers have access, through the Spirit, to paint in a dimension that others simply cannot engage in. It is with this mentality that we believe that authenticity in expression combined with excellence in craftsmanship will provide the absolute best experience for all those who plan a visit.

Crafted in Excellence

Art is not limited to a particular form, shape or dimension. With each plant that is planted, every cascading waterfall, to each of the statues, all are meticulously crafted and designed with precision and attention to detail. Attention given to the finest of details represents the core that we believe God gave us His very best when He, as the perfect artesian, created out of nothing; therefore, it is our obligation back to Him to do nothing less then our best.

The magnificent beauty on display will enthrall every visitor that walks through the Garden. Part of our worship back to God is found in the Gardens so that they can become a symbol and encouragement of all those who visit to bring God their very best in worship back to Him. We believe that this assures each guest am environment rich in expression and an experience that begs to come back time and again.


Through the artwork presented in The Garden, our goal is to encourage believers in the solidification of their faith and to inspire others to believe.


As many people face increasing health risks, we believe The Gardens will be a place where individuals can come and be challenged to be the best they can be physically. It is a strong conviction that those who step foot on the grounds will in some cases find their healing.


The world can me a damaging place for those who have faced mental anguish or abuse. The Gardens will serve as a place of solitary and safety. A safe haven to escape and connect with others of like faith. God has called his children to have a sound mind.


Emotional damage can drain someone from the inside out. Here individuals will find healing and classes on how to cope with emotions, whether dealing from a recent loss or from a damaged relationship, we believe The Gardens is a place where people can surrender their grievances and begin to live a simpler life – in a holistic emotional state.


This will be a place of haven for those looking to rejuvenate their relationship and find deeper meaning. Life can throw obstacles at us with little to no warning and sometimes a simple getaway from the rigors of the daily grind can help to invest in those we care most about.


A dream will forever remain just that until enabled, by faith and action, to become a reality.

Ed Maner, Founder

And it Begins

The Gardens – What You Can Expect

The Gardens

The Gardens at The Dream are dedicated to those who love sophisticated sculpture gardens placed in the peaceful serenity of a meticulously manicured gardens. The Gardens are Phase One of a multi-phase development that will be shared in the appropriate timing. God has developed with the hearts of the leadership the passion to meet people where they are with a five-fold approach: spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, and relationally. It is our wholehearted believe that God is going to use The Gardens as the launching pad while helping people in each of these areas.


The finest examples of Christian artwork in the world presented in stunning detail, in a setting that creates a positive and relaxing experience for each guest. Whether you quietly reflect as you meander through the winding paths or choose to listen to the dramatized stories unfold, your heart is sure to be rejuvenated with passion for God’s word.


Join us for one of our many events such as Easter, Mother’s Day, Fourth of July, Painting Classes, and even our very special Christmas Celebration.

Fire, Water and Worship


Have you ever taken a moment to imagine how much fire impacts your life, everyday?  Because we do not see fire around us, it is often times forgotten how critical it is and how much we absolutely depend on it, for if we didn’t have fire, our entire planet would become a frozen wasteland in a mere 8 minutes.  Like the fire from the sun warms the earth, provides photosynthesis for plants, and provides needed light, so too our Father and Creator is the ultimate Light.  The use of fire in the gardens is designed to bring an awareness of the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives, as well as remind us of the purification process that it provides as seen in the scriptures in reference to a refiners fire.  Visit the Eternal Flame, established to be a reminder of the never-ending presence of God actively at work in our lives, and to daily purify ourselves before the very one who created it – God. 


Water is one of the key essences required to sustain life.  When God created the world it was formless and void, covered with water.  When God completed His creative acts water was still an essential component with two thirds of our planet still covered by it.  Having been made in the image of God it is interesting to know that we too are comprised of two thirds water.  The truth is, in water we find: life, reflection, relaxation, cleansing and power. It is perceived as a form of burial in baptisms; yet, life to those who drink it.  In the Gardens, you will find water features throughout your journey to help remind us of the importance that God placed on this important component of creation.  As you meander through the property, introspectively reflect at the different areas to see how this might positively affect your life.  If you come expecting you may just leave changed through the complex simplicity of water. 


Every aspect of the gardens at The Dream are reflective and point back to the ultimate artist – God. Worship is found in expressions through the stroke of an artist’s brush, the hammering of an artists chisel and even through each praying, singing and mediation back to God.

Reflections of God’s Artistry

Facts About The Gardens

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The Dream exists because action has been put to faith. Likewise, we encourage those would believe in the fulfillment of this project to extend their faith by helping to provide through financial giving.

Whether you would consider a single, one-time gift, monthly, or annual gift, each is genuinely appreciated. In essence, by your donation, you are an extension of the artists creating each piece. You have a purpose in The Dream.

In the Scriptures Paul states that each of us has a role in the kingdom of God. Some are called to be apostles, preachers, teachers, etc. Likewise, we are not all called to be master sculptors, but that does not diminish the need. My providing prayer and financial support, you become the extension of the arms of the artist. They couldn’t apply their giftedness without you providing the support.

Funding the Dream Campaign

Our initial goal is to begin to show the genuine level of interest through our Funding The Dream campaign.

To achieve this goal, we are looking for 1,000 individuals to contribute a minimum of $25 per month.

By meeting this goal we will be able to begin the search for property, as well as begin the preparation of design and sculpting of these stunning monuments.